The Dark Duke: The Creation

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I love Jane Austen! In 1995, someone gave me the book “Pride & Prejudice” and it has been my favourite book ever since. I didn’t go to university, I rang in sick at work. I read and I read and I read! A week or two afterwards, I switched on the TV after coming home from town and what did I see? A trailer on BBC (I used to live in London, UK, at the time), advertising that Pride & Prejudice would be aired in four parts as of a couple of days later.

I called work and told them, I wasn’t working the next four Thursday nights, no way! Luckily, I always worked very hard and was a reliable and valued member of staff who didn’t usually ask for extras or special treatment, so my boss at the time knew this was really important to me and as he had a soft spot for me, he obliged and even covered that same week’s Thursday night shift himself for me, bless him.

Fast forward to around twenty years later, there is me, now living in Germany, just outside of Cologne and still loving Jane Austen. What can I say? I am a loyal person. I was watching Pride and Prejudice on DVD again for the millionth time, thinking I had to write a historical novel that would pay homage to my favourite author and favourite book, to the main characters, the witty and intelligent freethinker Lizzy and the darker, brooding Mister D’Arcy.

The Dark Duke is available in your favourite online bookstore!

But I was going to take it a step further which Austen couldn’t have done in her time and I dare say, she would have lacked the necessary knowledge of it as well. I was going to create a female character who is one of the leading figures, as yet unmarried, in the high society of Regency England, ruling her suitors of the to perfection until she meets the Duke of Cambridge. As my own second given name is Elisabeth and I love the character of the rebellious Lizzy, I took the name for my female protagonist as well.

And thus, a story of female liberation, questioning of societal rules and deep passion unfolded in my head, and nearly instantly following this, on paper. I think, it took me only three or four days to write the first version, although the editing and re-writing took longer. I never do that only once and I also feel into the energies and ensure they not only give the reader an added boost of high-vibrational energy but also fit the storyline of the book.

When I was finished, what I held in my hands was a narrative of a young woman throwing off the restrictive corset of societal rules for love. She even pursues the man of her dreams, but when he rejects her, she refuses to make a fool of herself and, harnessing all her pride, walks away with her head held high. However, this is not the end, of course, and when she gets into a staged compromising situation with a very lewd neighbour who wants to force her hand in marriage, it is the duke who comes to her rescue.

I will not reveal the end, as marriage is not as easy as it would seem, either, but I am confident, you’ll fall as much in love with The Dark Duke as I did when I wrote this book. Enjoy!

The Dark Duke is available in your favourite online bookstore!



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Tirza Schaefer

Tirza is a romance author, poet and also writes about spirituality. She is an intuitive reader, healer, founder of Goddess Reiki and Goddess Coach.