Review Highlights for Her Badass Bikers

Five Stars for Her Badass Bikers!

The Magic Book Corner, International Book Blogger:

❤🔥🖤Sinfully sexy and wickedly funny.

This gets 5 badass stars from me!


🖤A middle-aged woman is given a second chance at love with not one but four badass bikers. The meanest most infamous bikers of the Hawaii Makani MC. Jax, Liam, Mace and Snubbs — all four of them broken in one way or another and I was hard-pressed to choose a favourite.

🖤Throw in a psychopathic villain, a SWAT team and a bit of police action with twists guaranteed to keep you on your toes, add in deeply buried past traumas, two kids you’re bound to fall in love with and a mother whose love and faith might just save the day and you’re just scratching the surface of this badass awesome read.

🖤What should you expect when picking it up?

Let’s see…🤔

🖤First and foremost, expect to laugh. And I don’t mean a teensy little smile or grin, but a full out roll on the floor tears in your eyes type of laughter. I’ll eat my damn boots if this book won’t make you crack up — several times over.

🖤Expect to possibly need a cold shower. No kidding people! The smut over here is the ‘holy frigging shirt hot as hell’ type! Not because it’s rough and a lot! But because it is of a sensuality that’s FIRE!

🖤Which brings me to the feeling. Expect to feel with both our MC and her bikers. I confess I literally wanted to punch a certain mother straight in the face at one time and wanted to give a big strong hug to another. I found myself sighing several times over because… Damn! That’s SWEET!!! And much more! So yeah. Expect to feel!

🖤And then expect the unexpected. Because there are twists you won’t see coming and stuff you won’t be able to predict. And most of all, keep an open mind, trust the author and let Ava and her bikers take you for an unforgettable ride, with a cool drink at the ready. Not while reading particular scenes though, because you might drown your kindles. Just saying!😉😎 On second thought, best stick with a sweet snack and no drinks nearby. Wickedly funny remember! 🤩

🖤Her Badass Bikers is a unique contemporary reverse harem tale that dares to be different and skirts the edges of the ‘ordinary’ playing right into the genre-bender category. And it does it in style.

🖤It delivers with a bam the usual steamy action, typical to the RH genre, both in between as well as out of the sheets, alongside the dark biker style drama any fan craves, complete with fast-paced action full of unexpected twists. But it branches a bit out into psychology and spirituality in such a subtle and beautifully done manner that you don’t realise where one ends and the other begins.

🖤This author has a knack for writing strong empowered older women who dare to follow their dreams and stand up for what they believe in. Likeable, real women, that readers can root for from page one. Women who inspire readers to stand up and chase their own dreams even if those dreams are different. And the message embedded in between the lines is one of the best parts of this tale. It’s perfectly ok to be different and perfectly ok to be happy outside society’s norms if that fills your heart with love and your soul with happiness.

🖤But that is not all. The psychological scars of the MCs are all wonderfully and realistically portrayed to the point that you can easily get into the characters’ heads. And then we have that added layer of spirituality subtly embedded throughout the tale, all beautifully balanced with irresistible humour that you’re bound to remember long after turning the last page.

I swear I’m still smiling even now when thinking about a 12-year-old boy setting up Instagram and TikTok accounts for a ‘neanderthal.’

🖤All in all, because I already held you too long, Her Badass Bikers is a sinfully sexy and wickedly funny tale full of heart that I absolutely adored.

It’s badass awesome people!

If contemporary RH is your jam, give this one a try and you can thank me later.

❤Happy reading everyone

And be kind.😘

Five Stars for Her Badass Bikers!

Catrin Russell, Author of High Epic Fantasy:

Her Badass Bikers is a smoking hot and entertaining RH romance!

Ava, a middle-aged woman working as a caretaker, runs into a man she used to babysit as a child — a man who used to, and still does, have a crush on her. And no, there is nothing inappropriate about this relationship since his feelings developed as an adult, but it means he has never quite been able to “let go” of her, despite the fact they never had a relationship.

Having been in and out of prison, this man — Jax — takes Ava on a date, and sparks literally fly off the page! Then, as he brings her to his biker headquarters, a whole bonfire erupts as she meets the rest — Mace, Liam and Snubbs.

But wait! There’s more! This book is fast-paced despite a delicious slow-burn, it has a fabulous cast of characters, and there are plenty of action scenes on top of that! This book really has everything one might want from a romance read, and it is just brilliantly executed. The humour is on point (I laughed out loud several times), the characters are wonderful, and the steamy scenes are sweltering hot! The way Ava’s men take care of her, show their love and attention, yet still are rough and play out their kinks, gives such a great balance to the relationship and how Ava is always the one in charge — the Queen of their MC. Absolutely fabulous!

For anyone looking for a slight reverse gap, MMMFMM RH contemporary romance, LOOK NO FURTHER! This will satisfy ALL your needs, and then some!

Five Stars for Her Badass Bikers!

Tuari Eagleswing, Reader:

This is definitely my favourite book by Tirza Schaefer now with Tank being a very close second. I don’t even know where to start. This book is so hot, I needed several cold showers throughout and afterwards. I saw somewhere someone writing about a book hangover and understood it like it’s got you so much in its grip, even after you finish it, you can’t shake it. That’s what is happening to me right now and I mean it in the best sense possible.

The story starts with Ava on the beach and Jax whom she looked after when he was a child and her a young adult, meeting at the beach. Only that Jax is an adult now and believes himself to be in love with her from what he remembers from when he was between ten and twelve, the time Ava was his neighbour. Having grown up with a negligent mother, to put it mildly, Ava used to be his safe haven at the time and that kind of feeling of safety and warmth and affection is what he held on to over all the years until they meet again.

He’s been to prison, a biker that probably had a past akin to what we know of Sons of Anarchy. And judging from the fact that the author called him Jax hints to that series being the inspiration for the character initially. However, book Jax is nothing like TV Jax. He is loyal, faithful and has sworn off criminal activities. And so have his friends that he introduces to Ava one by one. Actually, Liam introduces himself, trying to explain to Ava that the argument she had with Jax is based on a misunderstanding. But then, there’s a big sizzle between those two as well and Ava comes clean with Jax, admitting to fantasies about having more than one man.

As Jax is used to sharing women from his wild past, he is not opposed to the idea of sharing her with his biker bros whom he considers his family and for whom he would do just about anything. And they for him. It reminds me of the musketeers. And that’s a great idea until Darryl turns up and torpedoes it all. He is a twelve-year-old who is a nerd and thrown together with Jax by Ava, he makes Jax’ life hell. Throw in his mother Gloria whose favourite pastime is to sing gospels for any holy purpose and you can imagine how worlds clash.

And this entire drama carries over when Darryl is thrown in with the bikers by his mother Gloria who needs Ava to babysit Darryl while she is at work at the weekend. From there, the real biker drama starts. I have to say, I’ve actually been in tears laughing my head off when Darryl and Jax meet, I was truly touched when Jax, resentful as he was that he had to take the kid along with Ava to his house to do work on it with his biker friends, did a good deed and helped Gloria at her place of work.

You can see the dark side the bikers have but you can see even more the good that is in them. The haunted childhoods that most of them had and the trauma, betrayal and hurt that plays into the present. There is a really evil villain and it is also the first of the author’s novels that features LGBTQ characters in leading roles. So there is some man-on-man action in the relationship but the central focus is definitely on Ava.

A SWAT team enters the stage at some point and there is some more involvement in the plot centring around some criminal investigation to which Ava and Mace, one of the bikers, lend a hand. There is also a really hot scene at the SWAT’s HQ that had me in a sweat. And that was only the start of what was to come! There are more characters involved in the book that take on pivotal roles but I don’t want to talk about that here because I don’t want to spoiler anything. Trust me, you’ll be surprised and you won’t see it coming! And that includes Gloria who, of all people, saves the day with her singing. Literally.

What I liked about that in particular is that I am pretty sure the author isn’t a Christian but she is open enough to bring in this twist despite her personal beliefs. Made me think about my own prejudices, as did one evil father who didn’t accept a child that is bisexual. There is some initial banter between the bikers about “the gay shit”, talking about TikTok reels. However, it is in good humour and they turn out to be totally supportive of the rainbow community, as well as two of them belonging in that category themselves.

You can tell, this story isn’t merely a raunchy tale to get you all worked up — and it does — but it is also deep, calls out injustice where it occurs and shows how good people stand up against it. And as bad and badass as Ava’s bikers are, they are good people. At least in this stretch of their lives.

I think my favourite characters are Snubbs and Darryl because they are the most interesting and weird. I’m fond of weird people, at last between the covers of a book. Makes for really interesting reading. However, that doesn’t mean the others are boring. Not by a long stretch. And the banter, the deep conversations and the interplay between all these so different people that feature in this story, and there are a lot of them, trust me, will ensure that you never have a dull moment. This story gets you in a sweat, touches your heart and twists your mind. It’s just absolutely brilliant and I LOVED it!!!

Five Stars for Her Badass Bikers!

Linda Pankow, Author of Erotic Novels:

Loved it!


But here’s why…

I have been waiting to read this one for so long. I loved every minute of getting to know all of her badass bikers… 🥰😈

Five Stars for Her Badass Bikers!

Sekhmet, Reader:

Sizzling hot with a lot of depth!

This book has it all: A steamy reverse harem romance that is sizzling hot, a storyline that is absolutely amazing and has you in its spell from cover to cover and characters you’ll root for (or want to punch, as the case might be).

Ava is a mature lady who meets a younger man she used to know from years ago. When the biker reveals his identity and confesses his feelings for her, Ava needs to wrap her head around this first but then she succumbs to his charm and meets his friends. One by one, she charms the badass bikers into submission and creates her harem. So far, so good.

What is amazing about this story is the depth with which the characters are fleshed out and how many there are, playing supporting roles, but important to the storyline in their own right. Everything is connected. There are no loose ends and prejudices are highlighted, examined and solved, too.

I loved Darryl, a nerdy little black kid, giving Jax, the biker, a run for his money. The banter between these two made me laugh out loud with tears running down my cheeks. And that wasn’t the only scene in the book. I literally woke up the house, I laughed so hard and it was very late already!

The boldness with which the author dares to paint the picture of people who could not be more different, yet somehow get to know each other, come together and learn to appreciate each other is uncanny. And it takes guts. I loved it. And then there is the action. From the evil MC president, over strippers to a SWAT team, and then some, this book has it all. And yet, there are beautiful pauses where you get taken deep, given time to breathe and have your heart touched so deeply, you’ll want to hug someone and pinch someone’s cheek.

And then, there is the love between Ava and her men who are all so different, yet in the overall dynamic of the relationship, it all works beautifully. There is so much love between all of them, bromance and LGBTQ characters included. The steamy scenes really burn the house down and again, this author has shown the ability to avoid being vulgar and unfeeling. Yes, you can have the best of all worlds: romance, heat, love and a great storyline that will give you a book hangover for days. At least, that’s what happened to me.

I absolutely loved this book and I recommend it to anyone who loves reverse harem romance with mature women, some M/M action and likes it interracial and multi-cultural with action, love and lots of steam!

Get Her Badass Bikers here!




Tirza is a romance author, poet and also writes about spirituality. She is an intuitive reader, healer, founder of Goddess Reiki and Goddess Coach.

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Tirza Schaefer

Tirza Schaefer

Tirza is a romance author, poet and also writes about spirituality. She is an intuitive reader, healer, founder of Goddess Reiki and Goddess Coach.

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